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Breed: American Foxhound
  • The American Foxhound's origins date back to the early 1700's in Virginia and Maryland.
  • The American Foxhound is an ideal choice for those who live in rural areas or on large farms.
  • It was in November 1852 that a black and tan hound was stolen out of Tennessee and taken to Madison County, Kentucky. This hound was called "Tennessee Lead" and he became the foundation sire of all Walker, Trigg and Goodman foxhounds. These three strains make up the major portion of what is called American Foxhounds by AKC today.
  • According to well-known authorities on the American Foxhound, the first mention that we have of hound importations to America appears in a diary of one of DeSoto's retainers.
  • The Foxhound in this country is used for four purposes, all of them quite different from each other, and thus calling for hounds of a different characteristic: field trial hounds, fox hunting hound, "trail" hounds, and pack hounds.
  • The types of hounds in America vary widely, but in the last few years the American Foxhound Club and the hunts which are members of the Masters of Foxhounds Association have made great strides in developing a more standard type.
  • George Washington, the father of our nation, is also the father of American Foxhounds. In 1770, Washington imported a number of hounds from England and in 1785, he received a number of French foxhounds from the Marquis de Lafayette. These hounds, carefully bred and maintained by Washington, are the founders of today's American Foxhound. More than 30 hounds were listed in Washington's journals, including "Drunkard," "Tipler," and "Tipsy."

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