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Breed: Basenji
  • The Basenji was developed in Africa for hunting.
  • In 1943, the AKC accepted the Basenji for registration in the Stud Book and approved the standard.
  • The Basenji does not bark but does make yodeling noises. The Basenji is known as the "barkless dog".
  • The first specimens of the Basenji were brought from the source of the Nile as presents to the Pharaohs of ancient Egypt.
  • The Basenji is a dog with fastidious, dainty habits, such as cleaning himself all over as does a cat; the basenji also lacks a doggy odor, contributing to his assets as a house dog.
  • The Basenji is also known for being quite independent and aloof at times. It is alert and careful with strangers, open and calm with friends, and loving and solicitous with children. When meeting strangers, the Basenji prefers to make the first overtures and should not be approached from behind.

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