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Breed: Bloodhound
  • The Bloodhound made its appearance in Europe long before the Crusades, the first specimens being brought from Constantinople in two strains, black and white. The modern Bloodhound has its origins in the Ardenne region of central Europe (located on the border of Belgium and France). It was there that the large game hounds of St. Hubert and Talbot and the white Southern hound were crossed to produce the dog known as the Chien de St. Hubert. Even today in some countries the terms Bloodhound and Chien de St. Hubert are interchangeable.
  • The first recorded use of Bloodhounds by organized law enforcement was in England in 1805 when the Thrapthon Association for the Prevention of Felons acquired a Bloodhound to search for poachers and thieves.
  • Testimony of a Bloodhound's mantrailing results is acceptable in almost any court.
  • The Bloodhound is called the modern representative of the oldest race of hounds that hunt by scent.
  • The term "Bloodhound" refers not to what the Bloodhound trails but instead refers to its status as the "blooded hound," meaning aristocratic, since such great lengths were taken early on to keep the strain clean.
  • In the 12th century, when even bishops rode to the hounds, dignitaries of the Church were among the foremost in fostering the development of the Bloodhound.

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