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  • The Bichon descended from the Barbet or Water-Spaniel, from which came the name "Barbichon", later contracted to Bichon.
  • The Bichon was developed in the Mediterranean area.
  • Appreciated for their dispositions, Bichons traveled much through antiquity, finding early success in Spain and frequently used as items of barter internationally.
  • Bichons were rediscovered by the Italians in the 14th century and became great favorites of Italian nobility.
  • The "Teneriffe" ("Teneriffe" being the Canary Island) or "Bichon" made its appearance in France under Francis I, the patron of the Renaissance, but its greatest success was in the court of Henry III.
  • The Bichon was also a favorite in Spain, becoming a favorite of the Infantas and painters of the Spanish school (the breed is featured in a number of Goya's paintings).

Bichon Frise

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