Wall Paper Installation Instructions
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How to calculate the number of sheets required to decorate an area:
1) Measure the length of the area you want to decorate in feet (i.e. distance around a room)

2) Divide the number of feet by 3 and round up to the next whole number. This is the number sheets required for the project

Installing the border:
1) Clean the surface with gentle cleaning (warm water and soap work well). Be sure to test any cleaning product on a small hidden area before doing the entire area to be decorated

2) Pick any corner of the room to start from

3) Peel the protective backing off a sheet of decorative boarder.

4) Visually align sheet so that it is parallel to the floor, ceiling or molding.

5) Starting with one of the end sheet slow smooth it on to the wall

6) Rub any air bubble out of the sheet by pressing them to an edge.

7) Step back and visually inspect the sheet to make sure it appears straight. If not you can easily peel of the sheet and re-apply.

8) Take next sheet and overlap end of previously install sheet by 1/4" and apply sheet.

9) Repeat steps 3 through 8 until area is decorated

Remember you can remove, relocate and reply the board at any time without worry of leaver an residue or adhesive behind because there is none.

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